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Introducing: Project Babel

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

We at Nemmy Games are starting to initiate Project Babel in our future projects and we need to know if anyone knows fluently any language other than English.

What is Project Babel?
Project Babel is a project intended to get translations of dialog and menu items for the games,.

How can I contribute?
Let me know what language(s) you can do, and when the time is right I will send you an INI file with the English that will look something like this

Dialog1=Hello, this is an example.

Let’s say you were doing Spanish, you would send me back

Dialog1=Hola, este es un ejemplo.

What’s in it for me (as in you, the translator)?
Ever wanted your name in the credits of a game played by a lot of people all over the Internets? Of course you have. Plus, you’re allowing this awesome game to be accessible to more people who may not understand English very well (yes, there are actually people like that).

Is there money involved?
Not really, but you’ll be doing something nice, and isn’t that it’s own reward? Isn’t it? Hello? Is anyone out there?

What kind of languages do you need

Mainly real ones. While 1337 and “Elmer Fudd speak” are hilarious, no one actually speaks them, so they wouldn’t help us. Also that means no binary, and no hex. Nerds.

Any language will do that’s not kanji (or kanji-like) – we’re looking for a low number of letters, but if you know hiragana, that would be what we would probably pursue if we had Japanese.

So when’s the deadline?
Eek, don’t use the ‘d’ word. We hate deadlines. We hate them a lot. Translation is done in your own free time with general checkpoints every so often. We hate deadlines, but we assume stuff is actually getting done and will get done in a reasonable amount of time. So if you can indeed contribute, please let us know, either by going to the contact page at or by replying here. Thanks.


Wine Latest

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

We got most of the game working in Wine, the program that attempts to run Windows EXE files. The game can only run in fullscreen, however, and we’ll need to be switching over to a new sound system. The sound issue seems relatively easy to fix, so we should have a version that works mostly in Wine pretty soon. As I mentioned before, nothing will be externalized, the ZIP file will contain the EXE file, which is quite larger at the moment, around 6 MB with no Resources folder for externalized data.