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I don’t normally get excited about search engines, but…

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Ok let’s be honest with ourselves. The folks at Google have pretty much cornered the search engine/advertising agency market. However, the fact that they are becoming more popular every year does in no way make them the best. Especially when it comes to concerns of user privacy and apparent routine censoring of search results in parts of the world lacking fundamental human rights.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I found that a couple of ex-Google employees set out to create a whole new search engine.

The homepage of Cuil is simple, functional, and elegant. Surprisingly enough, so is their privacy policy, which states clear as day:

We do not keep logs of our users’ search activity.

That’s it. No legal mumbo-jumbo or tiny “fine-print.”

Imagine that, a simple, and functional search engine, only this one with no ads, and no privacy oddities. I like it. I’m excited, and if you’re a privacy-conscious computer user, you should be too. I don’t like to make political statements, as you know, but I do very much like this. A lot.



Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Starting at this moment we are going to start to recommend that Linux users have the latest version of Wine installed on their machines in the event that it is newer than the one in most repositories.

This comes from studying the updates in Wine 1.0+, which include the fix for the common problem that required users to use the terminal and the cd command to the directory before running the program.

Since this problem no longer exists, and Wine runs EXEs from their directories, we highly recommend that you get the latest version of the software.