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Status Update

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

Greetings to one and any readers we have. Seth here, bringing you information relating to us. We have quite a few ideas for games and they are in various states of completeness. I would have loved to have had something to you by now, be it a demo or anything. Unfortunately, it seems that relying on people to do things without monetary compensation usually doesn’t work very well. So we’ve spent too much time waiting on things that just aren’t ever coming to fruition. So we’ve more or less decided that it’s best to just rely on myself, Roman, Matt M. and our ever-talented musicians. Go them.

But we are now back on track and will hopefully have some games and applications fairly far along in the coming months.

On the personal level, I’ve been a programming intern at a Boston-based DS developer called Helixe. They’re small, but a subsidiary of THQ. Learning interesting things, and the other intern and I have made some somewhat interesting apps for the DS, including a decent little Pong game.

And if I’m writing to anybody that isn’t a spam bot, let us know. What games have you been playing? I’ve been playing Gitaroo Man for PS2 and I just started Hotel Dusk for the DS. Gitaroo Man is short, but fun and has a nice, diverse soundtrack. Hotel Dusk starts slow, but it seems to hold promise. I also play Team Fortress 2 on Steam when I get the chance.