Wine Latest

October 10th, 2007 Uncategorized

We got most of the game working in Wine, the program that attempts to run Windows EXE files. The game can only run in fullscreen, however, and we’ll need to be switching over to a new sound system. The sound issue seems relatively easy to fix, so we should have a version that works mostly in Wine pretty soon. As I mentioned before, nothing will be externalized, the ZIP file will contain the EXE file, which is quite larger at the moment, around 6 MB with no Resources folder for externalized data.


Knight’s Vacation latest

September 29th, 2007 Uncategorized

Work on the next game has been going on for a bit, and I’m pleased to announce we are about halfway done. What is this game you ask? The game is tentatively titled Knight’s Vacation. Think Knight’s Tour, but cooler (hopefully). Graphics are set to be isometric (ie, 3d-looking) and pretty darn polished. The new graphics guy, Drew, is working on them, and trust me, they’ll look awesome when they’re finished.

For you Linux/Mac/etc people

September 24th, 2007 Uncategorized

As you may know, a bunch of our staff are currently running Ubuntu Linux or one of its derivatives.

In any regard, running such an OS, or even Mac, means you can’t quite run the EXEs. However help is on the way. We’re working on methods to make GameMaker-written software easier to load in Wine, a popular utility for running Windows programs.

One thing we have noticed is that externalizing resources, as we often like to do, will cause GameMaker to yell at you in all sorts of fun ways.

Another thing we’ve noticed is there is a problem with switching between fullscreen and windowed mode using the default GM function.

If anyone knows a way around these things don’t hesitate to drop us a comment. In the mean time, you can always rely on Flash versions, when available.

Until next time,


Creative commons

September 24th, 2007 Uncategorized

Some of you may have noticed, but we’ve officially applied a Creative Commons license to our products. This blog will deal with specifics. First of all, there are many types of Creative Commons Licenses. The one we applied is called Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States. What that means is, you are free to redistribute the zip files that contain the games as long as you give us credit, in the form of our name and website. You can just keep the default thank_you file inside, and that will do the trick.

Also, you may have noticed that the resources are all externalized. That means, yes, that you can edit, change, etc some of the graphics.

You can read more about our specific type of CC license at

You can reply or contact us with any questions. Also, see the copying.txt file within the zip for a partial list of resources. You can contact us with any questions.


Welcome to the blog

September 23rd, 2007 Uncategorized

So apparently developers blogs are all the rage nowadays, but not in an angry way. It is for that reason that this blog exists. Also there will be a mailing list that exists sometime soon, we just can’t find a good one that’s easy to install. If anyone knows of such a list do us all a favor, or if you speak Spanish a ‘por’ favor and tell us.